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Private Banking Team: +44 1933 304807
Racing Banking Team: +44 1933 304777

Online Banking

Internet banking with Weatherbys Bank gives you balance and transaction information on accounts, and the ability to initiate transfers 24 hours a day.

  • View the latest balances for all your accounts, whether in sterling or currency;
  • View your statements;
  • View cleared and uncleared balances;
  • Make sterling domestic payments and transfers between accounts. For example, transfer funds between current, deposit and savings accounts;
  • Initiate payment instructions for regular payments, in particular single or multiple BACS for suppliers or payroll;
  • Initiate payment instructions for all types of payment up to three months in advance;
  • Print information.

Instances continue to occur where internet users receive bogus e-mails designed to capture banking and security details. These e-mails link through to bogus sites that imitate the website of a bank and request security information.

Weatherbys Bank will never send you an e-mail linking to a site which asks for details of your full security information.

We take these threats very seriously and remain vigilant, given the attacks experienced by other UK banks.

Should you receive an e-mail asking for your details, do not divulge any personal information, but call the Helpdesk as soon as you can on +44 1933 304777. If at any time you have concerns about the validity of a Weatherbys Bank e-mail or website, please contact us on the Helpdesk number above.